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Photo credit: Birth Becomes Her.

Birth doula care to help you have a positive birth experience.

Birth doula care to help you have a positive birth experience.

Photo credit: Birth Becomes Her.

Birth is such an important event in the life of a woman. Her experience can have a ripple effect throughout both her and her baby’s life, and it is because of this that having the right support during her childbearing years is paramount. As a birth doula serving Central Massachusetts, I'm here to help you navigate whatever your birth brings so you can have a positive experience. You deserve to feel empowered and satisfied with your birth - and I will help you get there.

Natasha Trapp Russian Christian Birth Doula

Я говорю по-русски

Hi, I'm Natasha, Certified Birth Doula.

Welcome to Quiet Waters Doula Care. I help families like yours discover how they can have a wonderful birth experience, from understanding your options, to advocating for yourself, to remembering your birth with feelings of pride and joy.

I believe better births translate into healthier mothers, healthier babies, and stronger families.

Strong families are the building blocks of a strong society, and this is why I am passionate about helping you have a positive birth experience - the kind that will empower you for the rest of your life.

- Natasha Trapp


Natasha's calm demeanor was reassuring, and her passion for and knowledge about everything birth related really impressed me. I went into the final weeks of my pregnancy with peace, confidence, and encouragement thanks to Natasha.

Melissa, Mom of three

Natasha has a quiet strength about her that put me at ease during the entire process, which was no small feat considering I ended up being induced due to Preeclampsia! She was the perfect combination of soother and coach without being intrusive, and was also incredible at helping my husband know how best to support me.

- First-time Mom

My wish was to go unmedicated, and I knew that having a doula’s “bag of tricks” for pain management could help make that possible -- and it did! I could not have done it without the techniques that Natasha used during my labor.

- Sarah F

Natasha gave me tools that helped me feel empowered and informed about all possible scenarios, and how to get the clearest information from the hospital staff. I went into labor feeling confident in the information Natasha gave me beforehand, as well as physically supported through my labor and birth itself.

- First-time Mom

Natasha was a calming and supportive presence.

I wanted an unmedicated birth and while I didn't end up getting that I did get to the hospital at 10cm. I attribute this to our preparation and also to knowing that we had the additional support from Natasha to stay at home as long as we wanted.

- Jenny C.

My husband didn't see the need for a doula at first but he was happier than anyone that Natasha was there. He felt so much support and ease from her presence that he was better able to support me. Thank you Natasha!

- First-time Mom

Once we were in the hospital, Natasha helped to make sure that my birth plan was followed or if I was OK with changes recommended by the hospital team.

- First-time Mom

Natasha was available to answer those little “nagging questions” that arise in those months prior to the birth, and helped reduce my stress and anxiety with her informed, thoughtful, and prompt answers.

- First-time Mom

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