Birth Doula Support

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Certified Doula Services for Central Mass Families

Are you looking to have a healthy, satisfying, and empowering birth experience? Would you like to feel supported as you navigate the unknown terrains of birth? Would you like to have options at your birth and lead the decision-making process throughout your entire birthing experience?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we may be  the perfect match!

As your birth doula, I will become familiar with how you envision your ideal birth through the appointments we have together during your pregnancy. While attending your birth I will ensure that your wishes are heard and respected by those in attendance, all the while continuing to motivate and encourage you as you work to bring your baby into your arms.

Together we will ensure that you are equipped with evidence-based information so you are able to confidently make the best decisions for you and for your baby. If you have a birth partner, I will encourage them to be as involved as they want to be by sharing recommended comfort measures and laboring/birthing positions that they can help to facilitate. Your partner knows you, your doula knows birth. Together, we make a great team.

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In-Person Birth Doula Package

When hiring me as your doula you will receive:

  • Two prenatal appointments
  • Email and phone support prior to birth
  • Commitment to being on call from 38 weeks through the birth of your baby
  • Backup doula available
  • Continuous support during labor at home, hospital, or birth center
  • Immediate support 1-2 hours postpartum
  • One postpartum visit
  • Access to local resources

COST: $2,000

I believe anyone who wants a doula should have one. If price is the only thing keeping you from hiring a doula, please ask me about payment plans, bartering, or discounts. I currently offer discounts for home births, women of color, MassHealth subscribers, and members of my home church, The Journey Community Church in Worcester.

What if you could....

Feel on top of the world, like you just accomplished an unbelievable feat (no matter what your birth experience looked like)?